Two Spirit and LGBTQ Health

Roller derby champion. Activist. Cyclist. Follow three indigenous members of the Two Spirit and LGBTQ community as they journey toward self-acceptance, supportive healthcare, and communities that celebrate them.

Connect with us!

Connect with us!


Our community is like a dreamcatcher. We need every strand.

Young? Native? Transitioning?

Resources to help you advocate for your health.


Find a Provider

Finding a provider who understands Two Spirit or LGBTQ experiences can be tough. These resources can help.

Note: The providers listed are self-identified and not always verified. These organizations cannot guarantee a good experience.

Find Community

For Two-spirit People:

  • Montana Two Spirit Society:
    • Organization advocating and educating the Montana LGBTI community and general community about Two Spirit issues, histories and traditions.
  • Northeast Two Spirit Society:
    • Regularly updated blog, reporting on news, culture, and daily life of Two Spirit people in northeastern states.

For Native Two Spirit and LGBTQ Youth:

  • Indigenizing Love Toolkit:
    • Two Spirit leadership profiles and activities to help create communities of young Native Two Spirit and LGBTQ people and their allies.
Know your Care

Health Resources

Know your Rights

You are protected from harassment and discrimination by tribal, state, and federal laws. These resources can help you learn more.

Our Art and Literature


  • Prepahhontoz:
    • An art and music campaign to increase awareness of PrEP and prevent HIV/AIDS in Native American/Alaska Native communities.
  • Two Spirit Documentary:
    • Documentary explores the spiritual nature of gender and real-world examples.


  • Not vanishing. Press Gang Pub, 1988.
    • Collection of poetry written about two-spirit, lesbian, and Native themes.
  • Driskill, Qwo-Li, Daniel H. Justice, Deborah A. Miranda, and Lisa Tatonetti. Sovereign Erotics: A Collection of Two-Spirit Literature. , 2011. Print.
    • A collection of works written by Indigenous Two-spirit and queer people.
  • Driskill, Qwo-Li. Asegi stories: Cherokee queer and two-spirit memory. University of Arizona Press, 2016.
    • Novel about Cherokee history written from a post-colonial lens.
  • Rifkin, Mark. 2012. The Erotics of Sovereignty: Queer Native Writing in the Era of Self-Determination. Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press.
    • A novel about how the policy of self-determination innacted in 1970 has impacted contemporary queer Native writers.
  • Roscoe, Will. 1988. Living in the Spirit: A gay American Indian anthology. New York: St Martin’s Press.
    • A book combining personal accounts, stories, and poetry regarding the complexity of queer Native history.
  • Webber, Storme. Blues Divine. RiverShe Collective Arts, 2015.
    • A collection of poetry derivative of music and spoken tradition. Contains Native and queer themes.

Want to create a more affirming clinic for Two Spirit and LGBTQ patients?

Native Two Spirit and transgender youth need your support.

Providers describe healthcare barriers for Two Spirit and trans youth.


Sex & Gender

What’s the difference? How do you ask patients about identity?


What does it mean? Why does it matter?


Why are they important? How do you ask about them?

External Links

Clinical Guides

Approach to Care:

Collecting Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Information:

  • Do Ask Do Tell: 
    • A toolkit for collecting data on sexual orientation and gender identity in clinical settings.
  • Beyond Men, Women, or Both
    • A Comprehensive, LGBTQ-Inclusive, Implicit-Bias-Aware, Standardized-Patient-Based Sexual History Taking Curriculum

Gender-Affirming Treatment Options:

Health Data

Connect with us!

Looking for ways to better support your Two Spirit and LGBTQ loved ones?

“I talked to an elder. He really helped me be more comfortable with myself.”

Is your child Two Spirit or transgender? Are they talking about transitioning?

A blog highlighting Two Spirit and LGBTQ+ stories.


Find community. Find support.
  • PFLAG: 
    • Community and advocacy organization for LGBTQ families, friends, and allies.
  • Family Support Group for gender diversity: 
    • Family support groups in the Puget Sound area for families with transgender or gender nonconforming children.
  • Stand With Trans: 
    • Online platform for parents of trans youth to communicate with other parents as well as advocate for and support trans youth
  • Indigenizing Love Toolkit:
    • Activities and information to help you support Two Spirit and LGBTQ youth.
Know their rights. Advocate.

There’s Heart Here

Follow three indigenous members of the Two Spirit and LGBTQ community as they journey toward self-acceptance, supportive healthcare, and communities that celebrate them.

To learn how you can support Two Spirit and LGBTQ individuals in your community, click the button below that best describes you.

I’m Two Spirit or LGBTQ.

I’m a healthcare provider.

I’m an ally.

See me. Stand with me.

An instructional video for healthcare providers seeking to create more supportive clinic environments for their Two Spirit and LGBTQ patients.

Learn more.

Becoming Jane Doe

Alara, an Athabaskan and Tlingit transwoman, found her gender identity through drag. Listen as she shares her journey to self-acceptance and supportive community.

Two Spirit and LGBTQ+ Blog

What is your vision of 2SLGBTQ+ liberation?

Visions from three young Two Spirit and LGBTQ+ visual artists.

Remembering our Two Spirit & LGBTQ+ Relatives

Four public health professionals describe their journeys.

From Intern to Advocate

How to advocate for the Two Spirit and LGBTQ+ community.

I’m Proud of Where I Come From

An original poem by Gabriel Castilloux Calderón

How a Two Spirit Safe Space Alliance Changed Our Community

The story of Portland’s first Two Spirit Safe Space Alliance and the people who made it happen.

The Many Colors of our Pride

Last week, we asked how you show pride for your Two Spirit and LGBTQ community. Your responses were diverse and overwhelming.

McGirt v. Oklahoma

A response from queer Oklahoma Natives.

Indigenizing Drag to Reclaim Space

A conversation with Jordan Remington

An Interview with Lenny Hayes

“We are a gift from Creator.”

An Interview with Raven Two Feathers, Author of Qualifications of Being

“There’s no expiration date as to when you can start being yourself.”

What is sexual wellness?

For most of my life, my identities as a gay man and a Native man weren’t associated with wellness. They were associated with risk.

Becoming Jane Doe

This month, we’re excited to announce the internet release of a short film, “Becoming Jane Doe,” which tells the story of Alara, an Athabaskan and Tlingit transwoman who found her gender identity through drag.

My Joy is Visual Sovereignty

Photos and words from creative Evan Benally Atwood

“We’re your family.”

Last month, we spoke with Two Spirit and LGBTQ+ attendees of the 2nd Annual Arizona Two Spirit Powwow

Tribal Health Board Passes 2SLGBTQ Resolution

The Northwest Portland Area Indian Health Board resolves to support quality care and improved health outcomes for Two Spirit and LGBTQ+ people

Gender Identity and the Law

When I began work in health policy, I was excited about the protections the Affordable Care Act would provide to tribes. I could not have imagined that the ACA would become so controversial and threaten protections to our trans and non-binary relatives.

Spirit Walking

A poem by Marcy Angeles

Opening from Steven Barrios

As Two Spirit people, preserving and sharing our stories was one of our traditional roles. I encourage my Two Spirit relatives to share their experiences and personal journeys.

Photo Credit: J Tate Walker

Print Materials

“Why do we ask?” Folding Card


Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity

Celebrating Our Magic Toolkit

See me. Stand with me.

“Celebrating Our Magic” Toolkit is a culturally-specific resource for American Indian/Alaska Native communities and aims to provide resources for transgender and Two-Spirit youth, their relatives, and their healthcare providers.

To order free print copies of the Toolkit, contact Morgan at

Rack Cards


Two Spirit Talks Podcast

We’re Two Spirit and Indigenous LGBTQ+ people seeking stories and wisdom that reflect our experiences. Join us each month to hear directly from our community about ceremony, song, solidarity, and how we can build on the diverse teachings of our pasts to create a queer Indigenous future.

Love, Labels, and Tattoos

“We’re making our own history.”

Meet our hosts, Jack and Rick, through a discussion of their personal journeys toward acceptance, intentions for individual growth, and their shared hopes for this project.

The Portal

“People need a portal.”

Marlon Fixico reminisces on his journey from a childhood shaped by his elders to his roles as a Two Spirit activist, organizer, and — now — elder himself.