Two Spirit and LGBTQ Health

Watch experts from Harvard Medical School share their research and experiences with LGBTQ patients, answer questions about health disparities, and discuss the importance of inclusive and welcoming clinic environments.

Connect with us!

Connect with us!


Our community is like a dreamcatcher. We need every strand.

Young? Native? Transitioning?

Young? Native? LGTBQ? WeRNative has great resources.


Find a Provider

Finding a provider who understands Two Spirit or LGBTQ experiences can be tough. These resources can help.

Note: The providers listed are self-identified and not always verified. These organizations cannot guarantee a good experience.

Find Community

For Two-spirit People:

  • Montana Two Spirit Society:
    • Organization advocating and educating the Montana LGBTI community and general community about Two Spirit issues, histories and traditions.
  • Northeast Two Spirit Society:
    • Regularly updated blog, reporting on news, culture, and daily life of Two Spirit people in northeastern states.

For Native LGBTQ People:

  • Red Circle Project:
    • Los Angeles County HIV Prevention Program that provides services to Native American/Alaska Native communities.
Know your Care

Health Resources

Know your Rights

You are protected from harassment and discrimination by tribal, state, and federal laws. These resources can help you learn more.

Our Art and Literature


  • Our Honor, Our Pride:
    • Live music and storytelling performance hosted by the American Indian Community House during New York City’s Pride Parade, 1992.
  • Prepahhontoz:
    • An art and music campaign to increase awareness of PrEP and prevent HIV/AIDS in Native American/Alaska Native communities.
  • Two Spirit Documentary:
    • Documentary explores the spiritual nature of gender and real-world examples.


  • Not vanishing. Press Gang Pub, 1988.
    • Collection of poetry written about two-spirit, lesbian, and Native themes.
  • Driskill, Qwo-Li, Daniel H. Justice, Deborah A. Miranda, and Lisa Tatonetti. Sovereign Erotics: A Collection of Two-Spirit Literature. , 2011. Print.
    • A collection of works written by Indigenous Two-spirit and queer people.
  • Driskill, Qwo-Li. Asegi stories: Cherokee queer and two-spirit memory. University of Arizona Press, 2016.
    • Novel about Cherokee history written from a post-colonial lens.
  • Rifkin, Mark. 2012. The Erotics of Sovereignty: Queer Native Writing in the Era of Self-Determination. Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press.
    • A novel about how the policy of self-determination innacted in 1970 has impacted contemporary queer Native writers.
  • Roscoe, Will. 1988. Living in the Spirit: A gay American Indian anthology. New York: St Martin’s Press.
    • A book combining personal accounts, stories, and poetry regarding the complexity of queer Native history.
  • Webber, Storme. Blues Divine. RiverShe Collective Arts, 2015.
    • A collection of poetry derivative of music and spoken tradition. Contains Native and queer themes.

Sexual health. Suicide prevention. WeRNative has great resources for Native youth.

Native Two Spirit and transgender youth need your support.

Two Spirit and LGBTQ patients may have a higher risk of suicide.


Sex & Gender

What’s the difference? How do you ask patients about identity?


What does it mean? Why does it matter?


Why are they important? How do you ask about them?

External Links

Clinical Guides

Approach to Care:

Collecting Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Information:

  • Do Ask Do Tell: 
    • A toolkit for collecting data on sexual orientation and gender identity in clinical settings.
  • Beyond Men, Women, or Both
    • A Comprehensive, LGBTQ-Inclusive, Implicit-Bias-Aware, Standardized-Patient-Based Sexual History Taking Curriculum

Gender-Affirming Treatment Options:

Health Data

Connect with us!

WeRNative has great resources for Native Two Spirit and LGBTQ youth.

“I talked to an elder. He really helped me be more comfortable with myself.”

Is your child Two Spirit or transgender? Are they talking about transitioning?

PFLAG supports friends, relatives, and allies of LGBTQ and Two Spirit people.


Find community. Find support.
  • PFLAG: 
    • Community and advocacy organization for LGBTQ families, friends, and allies.
  • Family Support Group for gender diversity: 
    • Family support groups in the Puget Sound area for families with transgender or gender nonconforming children.
  • Stand With Trans: 
    • Online platform for parents of trans youth to communicate with other parents as well as advocate for and support trans youth
Know their rights. Advocate.

Celebrating Our Magic: Toolkit

“Celebrating Our Magic” Toolkit is a culturally-specific resource for American Indian/Alaska Native communities and aims to provide resources for transgender and Two-Spirit youth, their relatives, and their healthcare providers.

This Toolkit was created by Alessandra Angelino in partnership with NPAIHB and Seattle Children’s Hospital.

To order free print copies of the Toolkit, contact Jessica Leston at