Youth Delegates

The Northwest Portland Area Indian Health Board’s (NPAIHB) Youth Delegates are a group of Native youth who represent the tribes in Idaho, Oregon and Washington. They collaborate to share their voice on health programs and policies, and learn more about health and wellness careers.

Youth Delegates serve a 1-year term from July 2021 – June 2022, and serve as the official youth policy body for the Northwest Portland Area Indian Health Board and its member tribes. This diverse group of Native youth (ages 14-24) must be enrolled members or a descendant of one of the 43 NPAIHB member tribes located in Idaho, Oregon and Washington. Youth Delegates provide recommendations to the NPAIHB and other state and federal agencies about health programs and policies that affect young people.

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What are the NPAIHB Youth Delegates?

The Northwest Portland Area Indian Health Board’s Youth Delegates are a group of Native youth who represent the tribes in Idaho, Oregon and Washington. They collaborate to share their voice on health programs and policies, and learn more about health and wellness careers.


What do the Youth Delegates do?

Youth Delegates will work throughout the year to develop leadership skills and learn more about health and wellness professions. During the meetings, Youth Delegates will discuss health programs and policies that impact youth in their tribal communities, write and pass resolutions, share their unique voice and perspective, and provide feedback to NPAIHB Delegates.


What is expected of a Youth Delegate?

Youth Delegates serve as the official youth policy body for the Northwest Portland Area Indian Health Board and its member tribes as well as attend monthly virtual meetings. Additional leadership opportunities may become available throughout the year. Unless approved, Youth Delegates are expected attend all in-person meetings and monthly virtual meetings.


Who is Involved?

Participation is open to any tribal youth who is between the ages of 14-24, an enrolled member or descendant of one of the 43 tribal nations in Idaho, Oregon and Washington, and interested in learning more about health and wellness professions.  


How long can I be involved?

Terms are for 1 year (July 2021 – June 2022). Youth Delegates can reapply to participate another year, as long as they successfully met their obligations the year before and continue to meet the eligibility requirements.


When and how often do we get to meet?

We will meet several different times throughout the year, with goals of meeting in-person meetings  and monthly virtual meetings. If an In-person meetings would happen they would be at the NPAIHB Quarterly Board Meeting (3 days) hosted by one of the member tribes. Virtual meetings will typically last around 45 minutes and you can attend using your mobile phone or a computer. Additional leadership opportunities may also be a possibility.


Who runs the Youth Delegates? 

Youth! Adult staff are involved to support programs and trainings and serve as mentors. 

Can I get School Credit and treat this as an internship?

Yes. Since the NPAIHB is a nonprofit, your work as a Youth Delegate can qualify as an internship, which can fulfill community service hours.


Are there any other perks?

We will cover your travel costs to attend in-person meetings, hook you up with free We R Native gear, and provide new opportunities and experiences you can add to your resume.


How do I apply to be a Youth Delegate?

Fill out the application and answer the questions that can be found hereYour application will be reviewed by a selection committee composed of NPAIHB staff and current Youth Delegates.


When is the deadline?

The application will open at on May 23, 2022


Who do I contact if I have questions?

You can contact our Youth Engagement Coordinator, Paige Smith at or (503) 228-4185 ext. 306

Two types of member positions are available: Officers and At-Large



  • All Officers are required to attend any available in-person meetings and participate in all virtual meetings in addition to their specific officer role.
    • Co-Chairs
    • Secretary
    • Digital Historian
    • Social Media/Communications Lead


  • Follow the same duties as Officers, but have less demanding roles. At-Large members are required to attend at least one in-person meeting and participate in all virtual meetings.

Youth Delegates will:

  • Learn about health careers, governance structures, and policy
  • Explore Indigenous Leadership styles by strengthening networking skills and sharing their personal story
  • Enhance their relationship-building and team-work skills
  • Advocate for positive changes in healthcare and public health systems important to their Tribal communities

To be eligible, Youth Delegates:

  • Must be an enrolled member or descendant of one of the 43 NPAIHB member tribes located in Idaho, Oregon and Washington.
  • Must be between the ages of 14-24.
  • Must have an interest in exploring a career in a health or wellness field.
  • Must be able and willing to participate in delegate trainings, projects and activities.
  • Must be prepared to represent themselves, their Tribe, NPAIHB, and the cohort of delegates with honor and respect at a regional and national level.
  • Must have access to social media, a phone and/or email account for regular communications with NPAIHB staff.

The application for the Northwest Portland Area Indian Health Board (NPAIHB) Youth Delegates will be available May 23, 2022

Have questions about the program? Want to learn more? Email:

Applications are currently closed will open MAY 23, 2022 

Native Youth


The Northwest Portland Area Indian Health Board and We Are Healers are committed to supporting American Indian & Alaska Native youth (14-24 years old) interested in pursuing healthcare professions. Please consider hosting a student intern or connecting them to this paid job shadow opportunity.

Stipend: Selected youth will receive $600 to cover their internship time and/or travel.

Scope of Work: Host sites will provide student interns with hands-on training in health careers, health promotion strategies, research and evaluation methods, or community-based participatory research.

Duration: The timing and duration of the internship can be determined by the site. We’ve seen some internships last two weeks (working full time), and others last a semester (working a few hours per week).

Instructions: Please fill out an online application form:

  • Site Application Form. Priority will be given to sites who already have a youth intern identified, but applications will also be accepted from sites needing help finding a match.
  • Youth Stipend Application Form. Priority will be given to youth who already have an host site identified, but applications will also be accepted from youth needing help finding a match.

Eligible Participants 

  • American Indian or Alaska Native youth (14 to 24 years-old)
  • Interested in a health or wellness career

Eligible Internship Sites

  • IHS, Tribal or Urban Indian Clinics (I/T/U)
  • Indian Health Boards & Tribal Epidemiology Centers
  • Other clinics or health promotion agencies that serve AI/ANs

Number of Awards Available: 12 or more per year

Due: Applications will be filled on a rolling basis and are due by July 1, 2019.

Evaluation: At the end of the internship, we will ask you to complete this brief online Youth Feedback Form and Site Feedback Form, to help document internship activities and outcomes.

Payment Process: Unless otherwise requested, checks will be made out to the youth (requiring a social security number), but will be mailed to the host site for payment after the internship.

Can sites host more than one intern? Yes. Sites can host up to 4 student interns.


Want to work at the NPAIHB: Anyone interested in an Internship at the NPAIHB should also fill out the Board’s Internship Application Form, available here:


For More Information: Please contact Stephanie Craig Rushing ( or Paige Smith (

Thanks for all that you do!

Stephanie and Tana

2021-2022 NPAIHB Tribal Youth Delegates

The NPAIHB Tribal Youth Delegate program is a year-long initiative for young Native American leaders working toward health equity in their communities. The program connects emerging Native leaders from Idaho, Oregon and Washington to people, institutions, and other resources that can amplify Youth Delegate’s voices within broader movements. During the program, Youth Delegates are encouraged to apply for the We R Native Community Service Grant to start or enhance a project that elevates the presence of Native youth in health promotion movements.

Tribal Youth Delegates will convene at summer and winter Quarterly Board Meetings and virtually, to learn from tribal and non-tribal organizations and leaders in the health sector.

Later in the year, Tribal Youth Delegates will have the opportunity to present workshops and participate in the THRIVE Conference, hosted in Portland, OR and with the Administration for Native Americans I-LEAD Youth Summit.

The 2021-2022 class of NPAIHB Tribal Youth Delegates includes:

Aurora Martinez* (Samish Indian Nation), Cheydon Herkshan* (Warm Springs), Daimon Rosario* (Lummi Nation), Halli Lane-Skauge (Siletz), Josiah Spino* (Warm Springs), Janealle K. Sutterlict/ Kumshapum* (Yakama Nation),  Jeidah DeZurney* (Siletz),  Kaela Tyler (Makah), Maiya Martinez* (Spokane), Mia Red Crow (Spokane), Olivia Korndorfer* (Squaxin Island Tribe, Muckleshoot Indian Tribe and Skokomish Tribe )

*Returning Delegate

Read more about the Tribal Youth Delegates and their work here:

The Tribal Youth Delegates Program is thankful for the funding by the Administration for Native American’s I-LEAD grant. 

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Aurora Martinez

Samish Indian Nation

My Name is Aurora Martinez. I am a member of Samish Indian Nation and I am 24 years old. I live in a small town outside Everett, Washington. My Parents are Shawn Mac Avoy and Tamara Huckabone. My grandmother is Sharrie Hawkins and my great grandfather is Theodore Hawkins. I am a member of the Barrett-McDowell Family. I graduated from high school in 2015, and from Western Washington University in 2018. I received my Bachelor’s in Kinesiology with a healthcare emphasis from WWU. I am currently attending West Coast University for a Master’s in Healthcare Administration, I will graduate in October 2021 with possibly a 4.0 GPA. I have been involved in the Snohomish County 4-H programs since 2009, some programs I was involved in include Public presentations, Dogs, Photography, Creative Arts and Foods. I also have been actively involved in the Know Your Government program through 4-H. I truly enjoy working with the youth as a volunteer now. I became a member of the Northwest Portland Area Health board Youth Delegation because I am interested in healthcare, but I also want to work alongside individuals in the healthcare industry. I hope to help individuals who are discriminated against in the healthcare industry for their ethnicity. I also hope to help raise awareness of differences between native communties and help lower suicide rates among native communities. I also hope to work with healthcare industries to reduce the number of opuods prescribed to individuals and turn towards more traditional medicines in order to reduce the opioid epidemic that is affecting out communities.

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Cheydon Herkshan

Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs

Hey y’all 🙂

My name is Cheydon Herkshan and I’m nineteen years old. It is my third consecutive year serving on the NPAIHB Youth Delegate Cohort. I am currently an enrolled Tribal member of The Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs located in Warm Springs, Oregon. This year I will attend COCC in the fall to finish my Associates in Science! I participate in many community activities and try my best to do services that will help seven generations down. I come from an unhealthy cycle of living and I thrive to do better and be better not only for myself, but to heal my ancestors past, I carry their trauma with pride. It’s an honor to be apart of this amazing group of young adolescents, as it has made me a better person, both mentally and physically! I am unlearning unhealthy ways and replacing them with the best things for me and having this support helps so much. My main goal is to become a chiropractor and bring back holistic ways of healing, and slowly grow away from western practices when I can!


Cheydon Herkshan

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Daimon Rosario

Lummi Nation 

My name is Daimon Rosario I am an enrolled member of the Lummi Nation Tribe of Washington. As well as Oguala Lokota of South Dakota. I am currently a junior in high school with a certificate of Completion from the American Health Sciences program fWashington State University, a Certificate from The University of Washington Community Health Profession Academy, and a College Writing Certificate from Ivy League Brown University. I currently hold an office administration position for a nonprofit called Global Mined Project located out of Everett Washington. While also serving this previous year on the Northwest Portland Indian Health Board, as a Youth Delegate.

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Halli Lane-skauge

Confederated Tribes of Siletz Indians

Chee-la everyone, Halli Chaabayu Lane-Skauge waa ‘vm-nvsh-shi. I am a member of the Confederated Tribes of Siletz Indians. I am 14 years old and will be a freshman in high school this fall. My culture and my tribe are the biggest parts of my life and both are extremely important to me. I am currently Jr. Miss Siletz and love being able to represent my tribe in many different ways. My hobbies include, beading, weaving, Feather Dancing, Pow-wow Dancing, playing softball, basketball, volleyball, and participating in various equestrian activities. I am very passionate about giving back to my tribe and community and strive to do that any way I can.

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Josiah Spino

Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs

Itúkdí kádux nygá ixcleú
My name is Josiah Spino, I am 16 years old; I am also a early graduate of Madras Highschool. I was born July/23/2002 on the WarmSprings reservation. My Indian Name is Tokuwakua given to me by my Great Grandfather John Buzz Nelson. I come from a long line of Hunters, Fishers, Gatherers and Weavers. I grew up a very traditional and outsider lifestyle which taught me how to walk both in the native and white mans world. During my free time I like to participate in rodeos. I compete in Professional Wild Horse Racing and is always willing to give a helping hand to my family when it comes to ranching needs. Such as Branding, Cutting, Fixing fence and catching wild horses.

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Janealle Sutterlict/kumshapum

Confederated Tribes and bands of the Yakama Nation 

My name is Janealle K. Sutterlict/ Kumshapum. I am an enrolled Yakama member. I will soon be entering my junior year at Saint Martin’s University where I am double majoring in educational studies and political science. I recognize that it is uncommon to see people who look like me in places of power, which is why I have a strong interest in politics and education. I am also on the women’s basketball team at Saint Martin’s University. At SMU, there is a committee comprised of key stakeholders which focuses on emphasizing diversity and inclusiveness-which I have been humbled to serve on since my freshman year at SMU. I am also a member of the Tribal Youth Delegate Board. I have had the honor of being a member since 2019. I enjoy serving on this board because I get to collaborate with other people my age and create ideas to spread awareness in regards to important topics on our reservations. My goal is to not only represent my family and my tribe but all people who look like me and are underrepresented. I aspire to continue to be a positive role model to all of those younger than me and to encourage them that with it is possible to make a difference.

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Jeidah DeZurney

Confederated Tribes of Siletz Indians

I am Jeidah DeZurney from the Confederated Tribes of Siletz Indians. I am currently the President of the Siletz Tribal Youth Council. I just received my Bachelors of Arts in Anthropology and American Ethnic Studies from Willamette University, where I also throw the hammer and discus in varsity track and field. I have been with the youth delegate program since the start and am excited for all the upcoming projects we have. I specifically am passionate about working with and developing new


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Kaela Tyler

Makah Tribes

My name is Kaela Tyler, I come from the Makah reservation located in Neah Bay Washington. I grew up and lived there my whole live, I am 24 years old. I’ve worked in the healthcare field for about 5 years now, out in Neah Bay in the dental clinic and regular clinic. I went to school and got my AA while playing college basketball, & I am going to school now to become a dental hygienist. Healthcare has always been my passion considering my moms been in the healthcare field for about 25+ years now. I’m excited to learn as much as I can on this new journey and be able to bring it back to my people.

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Maiya Martinez

Spokane Tribes

Hello my name is Maiya Martinez. I am 20 years old, and an enrolled member of the Spokane Tribe, from Wellpinit, Wa. I am currently a 3rd year student at Fort Lewis College Studying Molecular and Cellular Biology and minoring in Psychology. My goal is to become a physician, with interest in Orthopedics. I am a dog mom to a wild puppy and enjoy sports (especially running) and being outdoors. This summer I am doing an internship with The University of New Mexico School of Medicine Research Program, working in a lab focused on Neuroscience, studying concussions. I am a part of the current cohort of Earth Ambassadors for UNITY focusing on food sovereignty and learning to prepare, protect and process our traditional foods. I am passionate about spreading awareness about Sexual Assault, Domestic Violence and the Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women epidemic. Also close to my heart is breaking stigmas surrounding Anxiety and Depression. This will be my 4th year as a Tribal Youth Delegate. I originally applied to gain knowledge about the background decisions in Indian Health, to help lead my future endeavors in medicine. I have continued this journey to make connections and work with a wonderful group of youth making lasting change in Indian Country. Through the past several years I have learned many leadership qualities such as confidence, public speaking, patience and facilitating group discussions. I have been inspired by my peers to keep moving, striving and finding my individualism to create change. My future goal as a youth leader is to continue to encourage our next generation to continue their education in every way their heart desires. As I continue my journey as I student, I hope to inspire the next generation to continue as well. Lemlmts (Thank You)

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Mia Red crow

Spokane Tribes

Hi my name is Mia Red Crow and I’m from the Spokane Tribe, I’m 17 years old and I am a cross country and track athlete and I enjoy the outdoors!! I’m looking forward to meeting and working with you all in helping our indigenous community!

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Olivia Korndorfer

Squaxin Island Tribe, Muckleshoot Indian Tribe and Skokomish Tribe 

I’m Olivia Korndorfer, member of the Squaxin Island Tribe, Muckleshoot Indian Tribe, and Skokomish Tribe as well. This is my second year as a Youth Delegate and I’m glad to be a part of a program that shines light on important issues and sparks conversation on topics that must be discussed. I’m now a senior in high school and my plan after I graduate is to further my education and go to college. I am not too sure about what I want to study but I’ve known for years that whatever I choose to do will be something that will help others. I can envision myself as a teacher, nurse, or a social worker. Whatever I end up pursuing, I will be working for my people to help my people! Once I found out what the job of a Youth Delegate entailed, I didn’t hesitate to apply. Talking about things that I’m passionate about like; MMIW, mental health, drug and alcohol use among our tribal communities, etc, is really important to me. I also enjoy learning more and trying to help in ways that I can! These topics impact everyone around us and I’m tired of seeing our communities being brought down. It’s time for change!

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Sadie Olsen

Lummi Nation

She wants to travel the world with the goal of learning, and developing a deep understanding of various Cultures and a wide array of topics. She hopes she can share her knowledge with her own local, tribal communities to be a healing factor in the cycle of historical trauma within aboriginal communities. She also has a life goal of bridging the gap between Western and Indigenous knowledge and social structure, as well as the boundaries of countries because spirit knows no borders. Throughout her life, she has been a kind and generous overachiever who loves to sing, and express herself through crafts, education, and cultural events. These passions have never faded. Sadie is a co-founder of a non-profit organization, WE – Whiteswan Environmental and a Co-Founding Board Member of Whatcom Intergenerational High School.