Introducing the Northwest Tribal Data Hub Logo

By: NPAIHB Data Hub staff

The Northwest Portland Area Indian Health Board (NPAIHB) is thrilled to unveil the official logo for the Northwest Tribal Data Hub (Data Hub), a symbol of the NPIAHB’s commitment to empowering Tribal communities through data. Inspired by the remarkable journey of salmon in the Pacific Northwest, the logo represents the vital role of data in connecting and enriching Tribal communities. 

Salmon, revered in the Pacific Northwest, embark on an incredible journey from the high mountain river systems to the Pacific Ocean and back again. As they return to their natal waters to spawn, salmon bring with them the essence of the ocean, providing nutrients that sustain every organism in the riverine ecosystem. This cycle mirrors the essence of the Data Hub, which seeks to bring data back to its community of origin, to benefit Tribal communities in profound ways. 

Tribal communities often find themselves disconnected from the information generated by their people, including crucial health data. While this data may leave Tribal communities through various systems, historically it has rarely returned to benefit them. The Northwest Tribal Epidemiology Center (NWTEC) works tirelessly to access and analyze this data on behalf of the 43 federally recognized Tribes served by the NPAIHB.  

NWTEC will use the Data Hub as a tool to connect Northwest Tribal communities with accurate and relevant data, on-demand. The Data Hub’s purpose is to enhance the quality of data by performing record linkages, developing data insights, and returning usable data to Tribal communities through an interactive and secure dashboard. This process mirrors the journey of salmon, enriching the community by providing the building blocks needed for growth and thriving for future generations.

Data plays a critical role in informing health policy, systems, communities, and leadership. It improves health programming, informs funding proposals, and focuses interventions on the community’s needs. The Data Hub ensures data completes its lifecycle by returning home to enrich the community. 

The Northwest Tribal Data Hub logo features an image of a salmon with various data visualizations within the design. The salmon and circular pseudographs embody the journey of reciprocity between Tribal communities and their data. It represents our commitment to ensuring that data serve as a tool for empowerment and enrichment in Tribal communities of the Northwest, much like the journey of salmon enriching the high mountain river systems.

Join us in celebrating this milestone as we continue to work towards a future where Northwest Tribal communities are empowered through on-demand access to accurate and relevant data. By late spring, the Northwest Tribal Data Hub will begin onboarding the first cohort of Tribes to provide feedback on the tool.

NW Tribal Data Hub

Cohort Tribes will be asked to complete a short online survey 30 days after receiving access to the Data Hub; engage in one-on-one conversations with the Data Hub Outreach Manager to provide feedback and troubleshoot any issues; and participate in a 1-hour focus group to share experiences and collectively shape the future trajectory of the Data Hub.

If you have any questions regarding the Northwest Tribal Data Hub or are interested in being involved with the first cohort, please contact the Data Hub Outreach Manager, Sunny Stone at

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