WYSH is the Washington Youth Sexual Health project under project Red Talon at the Northwest Portland Area Indian Health Board. The project partners with Washington State’s Department of Health (DOH) Youth Sexual Health Innovation Network to help improve youth’s access to and experience with sexual health care in I/T/U (Indian Health Service, Tribal and Urban) clinic settings, including sexual health services for 2SLGBTQ teens and young adults.

The Innovation Network currently includes:


For additional information please contact: Celena J. Ghost Dog, cghostdog@npaihb.org

Washington Youth Sexual Health (WYSH) Survey

The Washington Youth Sexual Health Survey is currently not accepting additional responses at this time. Thank You! 

Please contact WYSH project manager Celena J. Ghost Dog at cghostdog@npaihb.org if you have any questions.


We R Native

We R Native is a multimedia health resource for Native Youth by Native Youth.

Healthy Native Youth

Healthy Native Youth (HNY) is a comprehensive resource for educators and caring adults.

Paths (Re)Membered

Paths (Re)Membered centers the Two Spirit and LGBTQ+ community–its strengths, resiliencies, and histories—in our movement toward health equity.  It is with the memories of our ancestral pasts, where our Two Spirit people were highly regarded and integral to our villages, and the thoughts and dreams of our (Re)Membered futures, that we restore our places in the circle.

New! https://www.pathsremembered.org/

The Trans and Gender-Affirming Care ECHO Program is designed to coach providers in giving appropriate, high-quality care to gender-diverse patients. Sessions are open to all, but require advanced registration.

Sexual Health Messaging

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For more information contact, Sexual Health Communications Specialist, Asia Brown, ambrown@npaihb.org