Northwest Intertribal Breastfeeding Coalition

The NW Intertribal Breastfeeding Coalition (NWIBC or Coalition) is committed to elevating breast/chest feeding as the first food by centering cultural health practices, prioritizing tribal values and fostering communities of support to improve the health and wellbeing of our people and future generations. 

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Our Mission & Values

Our Mission: Reclaiming traditional health practices that support breastfeeding initiation and duration. Promoting culturally sensitive breastfeeding education. Fostering inclusive and holistic breastfeeding environments and communities of practice. Normalizing and sustaining breast/chest feeding through community and workplace. initiatives, including policy and environment changes. Changing clinical systems that aren’t working, such as mending gaps/breaks in care. Assist efforts to identify and address systematic barriers to breast/chest feeding care. Guiding parents through holistic teachings of self-care. Viewing our approaches through a lens of trauma informed care. Normalizing different experiences of breast/chest feeding and creating self-acceptance. Empowering NW Tribal communities through trainings such as the peer counseling training and traditional medicines 

Our Values:  Create a safe and non-judgmental space to share, vision, and innovate. Partner with national BF coalitions to contribute and grow with the collective work. Acknowledge and address imposter syndrome – feelings of failure. Educating is our responsibility. Leverage our collective power to share resources, inform Tribes, and Tribal health initiatives 

Our Team

Tammie Scott

M’Kya Bettega

Luca Green

BS CPS Inst. (She/Her); WEAVE-NW Health Educator

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Tammie Scott lives in Southeastern Idaho near the Fort Hall Reservation. Previously she worked in healthcare at the local hospital for 17 years. She then received her BS in Community and Public Health as an undergraduate at Idaho State University and then started a job as the Health Educator for the Shoshone Bannock Tribe for the next five years. There she also received her certification as a Tobacco Treatment Specialist from Duke University.  She is a certified Child Passenger Safety Instructor and volunteer liaison for the State of Idaho Child Passenger Safety under IDT. 

Through these opportunities she has developed a passion for promoting healthy lifestyles and preventative education in Indian country.  Specifically, creating resources to help those who want to overcome their commercial tobacco addictions and distinguishing the differences between commercial tobacco and sacred tobacco.  At Northwest Portland Area Indian Health Board, she has the opportunity to serve as the WEAVE-NW Public Health Educator. She is extremely honored and excited to serve the tribes within the region, and looks forward to helping those communities develop the tools needed to create and maintain various health promotion and disease prevention issues.   

In her spare time, she like to be in the surrounding mountains kayaking and fishing with her husband and dogs when there is not lots snow on the ground.  When there is, she like to cook, craft and read.  

BA Community Health; WEAVE Project Coordinator

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Hey there, my name is M’Kya Bettega. I am the new WEAVE project coordinator. I am looking forward to working directly with the tribal community and learning the ways of the Boards operations. I am correctly pursing my AA degree in community public health. I will then go on to get my Bachelors in community health with an emphasis in health promotion and indigenous health. I grew up in the heart of north Portland in tradition household. Growing up off the reservations my mom always kept us connected with the Native community here in Portland. I am a proud mother to a busy 15month old who has taught me more about myself than I knew existed. I am an enrolled tribal member of the Round Valley Tribe in Northern California and a direct descent of the Klamath tribes.

(She/Her); Tribal Food Systems VISTA Volunteer

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Hello! I’m Luca and I am an AmeriCorps member serving with the Board as their Tribal Food Systems VISTA for the next 12 months. I will be working directly with WEAVE-NW towards their goal of alleviating poverty by increasing access to fresh produce. I am non-tribal but studied food justice and public health while in college where my passion for food sovereignty flourished. I am thrilled to serve at NPAIHB where I can learn from the wealth of knowledge the tribes, this organization, and its extensions hold.

I was born and raised in Baltimore, MD where I will be virtually working from until I move to Portland in January. I enjoy hiking, playing with my pet rabbit Basil, and spending time with loved ones. 


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