These reports were developed in an effort to provide Tribes in Idaho, Washington, and Oregon with accurate
health data on priority health issues. The goal is to provide high quality health data for tribal nations in the Northwest to inform public health programs and priorities. Its contents are solely the responsibility of the authors and do not necessarily represent the official views of grantor agencies or the U.S. government.

WA THP FullReport

WA THP FullReport by IDEA-NW, Version Wa THP, WA-THP_FullReport.pdf (14.2 MiB) – Washington state tribal health program FullReport

HealthProfile2014-13 Washington Summary&Appendix

HealthProfile2014-13 Washington Summary&Appendix by IDEA-NW, Version 2014-13-wa, HealthProfile2014-13_Washington_SummaryAppendix.pdf (6.5 MiB) – HealthProfile2014-13 Washington Summary&Appendix

HealthProfile2014-12 Washington AccessToCare

HealthProfile2014-12 Washington AccessToCare by IDEA-NW, Version 2014-12-wa, HealthProfile2014-12_Washington_AccessToCare.pdf (0.5 MiB) – HealthProfile2014-12 Washington AccessToCare

HealthProfile2014-11 Washington HealthyLifestyles

HealthProfile2014-11 Washington HealthyLifestyles by IDEA-NW, Version 2014-11-wa, HealthProfile2014-11_Washington_HealthyLifestyles.pdf (1.1 MiB) – Health Profile 2014-11 Washington Healthy Lifestyles

HealthProfile2014-10 Washington CommunicableDz

HealthProfile2014-10 Washington CommunicableDz by IDEA-NW, Version 2014-10-wa, HealthProfile2014-10_Washington_CommunicableDz.pdf (0.4 MiB) – HealthProfile2014-10 Washington Communicable diseases

HealthProfile2014-9 Washington SubstanceAbuse

HealthProfile2014-9 Washington SubstanceAbuse by IDEA-NW, Version 2014-9-wa, HealthProfile2014-9_Washington_SubstanceAbuse.pdf (0.8 MiB) – HealthProfile2014-9 Washington SubstanceAbuse

HealthProfile2014-7 Washington Injury&Violence

HealthProfile2014-7 Washington Injury&Violence by IDEA-NW, Version 2014-7-wa, HealthProfile2014-7_Washington_InjuryViolence.pdf (0.7 MiB) – HealthProfile2014-7 Washington Injury and Violence

HealthProfile2014-8 Washington MentalHealth&Suicide

HealthProfile2014-8 Washington MentalHealth&Suicide by IDEA-NW, Version 2014-8-wa, HealthProfile2014-8_Washington_MentalHealthSuicide.pdf (0.8 MiB) – Health Profile 2014-8 Washington MentalHealth&Suicide

HealthProfile2014-6 Washington Cancer

HealthProfile2014-6 Washington Cancer by IDEA-NW, Version 2014-6-wa, HealthProfile2014-6_Washington_Cancer.pdf (0.9 MiB) – HealthProfile2014-6 Washington Cancer