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Nickolaus D. Lewis (Lummi) is a member of the Lummi Nation Tribe of Washington State and the Chairman of the Northwest Portland Area Indian Health Board.

Juts-kadim’ Nickolaus Dee Lewis is a tribal citizen of the Lummi Nation in Washington State, a proud veteran serving 8 honorable years in the U.S. Navy (2000 to 2008), and the father of three children: Ethan Lewis, Nickolaus Lewis III, and Tyray Lewis. Mr. Lewis is the grandson of the late Chief Sa-hum-kun (Donald Lewis) of the Lummi Nation, and believes that as his grandson he must honor his name by serving his people as his grandfather has done before him. Mr. Lewis also believes that as an elected leader of the Lummi Nation, his primary job is to serve the people. This belief has driven his work addressing homelessness on and off the reservation.
Mr. Lewis currently serves as a Councilmember of the Lummi Indian Business Council. He has also been placed on multiple boards and committees, tribal and non-tribal, with a focus on judicial and health-related issues.
Prior to his service on Tribal Council, Mr. Lewis worked as a juvenile and adult probation officer where he helped create the first Swift, Certain, and Fair Probation Model for a Native American Tribe, inspired by HOPE Probation in Hawaii. This model was called Lummi Chinqinst Probation, as “Chinqinst” translates to “Beginning to be on the right path.”



Nate Tyler is a citizen of the Makah Tribe and Treasurer of the Makah Tribal Council. He has a long history of public service and a demonstrated commitment to the Makah people. He believes it is his responsibility to try to make a better world for the generations of American Indian/Alaska Native youth coming after him. He serves on several national Tribal Advisory Committees which give him the opportunity to demonstrate his commitment to public service, mentorship of AI/AN youth, and an avenue to promote the health and well-being of all AI/AN people as he works in close collaboration with tribal leaders across the United States to uphold treaty and trust responsibilities related to healthcare.

Shawna Gavin


Shawna Gavin has been working as the Executive Assistant to the General Council Chair at the Confederated Tribes of the Umatilla Indian Reservation for 18 years. She is also currently the Chairperson of the Yellowhawk Tribal Health Commission and Treasurer of the Northwest Portland Area Indian Health Board Executive Committee. 



Chairman of the Spokane Tribal Council.

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Shoalwater Bay Tribal Health Director