Chlamydia Surveillance Report-yearend9900

Chlamydia Surveillance Report-yearend9900 by K. Gonzales, Version 1999, Chlamydia-Surveillance-Report-yearend9900.pdf (0.1 MiB) – The Stop Chlamydia! Project is administered by the Northwest Tribal Epidemiology Center (The EpiCenter), a tribally operated epidemiology program located within the Northwest Portland Area Indian Health Board (NPAIHB).

Chlamydia Surveillance Report-yearendreport2003 PDF

Chlamydia Surveillance Report-yearendreport2003 PDF by K. Gonzales, Version 2003, Chlamydia-Surveillance-Report-yearendreport2003-PDF-.pdf (0.3 MiB) – The Stop Chlamydia! Project, sexually transmitted disease (STD) surveillance report is an annual report based on Chlamydia case reports collected from 18 Northwest Indian health care programs from October 2001 through September 2002. This annual report is intended as a reference document… Continue Reading Chlamydia Surveillance Report-yearendreport2003 PDF

Nov 05 Funding Report

Nov 05 Funding Report by DeLorme, Version 2005, Nov_05_Funding_Report.doc (95 KiB) – NPAIHB Monthly Funding Reports november 2005

Dec 05 Funding Report

Dec 05 Funding Report by DeLorme, Version 2005, Dec_05_Funding_Report.doc (0.1 MiB) – NPAIHB Monthly Funding Reports december 2006

Jan 06 Funding Report

Jan 06 Funding Report by DeLorme, Version 2006, Jan_06_Funding_Report.doc (72 KiB) – NPAIHB Monthly Funding Reports january 2006

Brfss Ar 011904

Brfss Ar 011904 by BRFFS Project, Version 2003, brfss_ar_011904.pdf (2.1 MiB) – NORTHWEST TRIBAL BEHAVIORAL RISK FACTOR SURVEILLANCE SYSTEM (BRFSS) PROJECT AGGREGATE FINAL REPORT DECEMBER 2003 A collaborative project between Confederated Tribes of the Umatilla Indian Reservation Klamath Tribes Lummi Nation Makah Tribe Nez Perce Tribe Nisqually Tribe Shoshone-Bannock Tribes Centers for Disease Control and… Continue Reading Brfss Ar 011904