WTDP Flier Agenda 2016 December

WTDP Flier Agenda 2016 December, Version 2016, WTDP_flier_agenda_2016_December.pdf (0.2 MiB) – agenda and flier for WTDP training

Diabetes Project-Powerpoint Audit Templateblank06

Diabetes Project-Powerpoint Audit Templateblank06 by Western Tribal Diabetes Project, Version 2006, Diabetes-Project-Powerpoint-Audit-templateblank06.ppt (2.6 MiB) – Diabetes Health Status Report ______Site Name_________ Health Outcomes and Care Given to Patients with Diabetes Information from the Annual Indian Health Service Diabetes Audit

Diabetes Project-Instructions HSR Powerpoint

Diabetes Project-Instructions HSR Powerpoint by Western Tribal Diabetes Project, Version 2006, Diabetes-Project-Instructions-HSR-Powerpoint.pdf (0.2 MiB) – Health Status Instructions in PowerPoint You can create a Power Point slide show by using this existing template to insert your own graphs from the Health Status Report. If you have questions on how to do this please call the […]

Diabetes Project-Instructions HSR EXCEL

Diabetes Project-Instructions HSR EXCEL by Western Tribal Diabetes Project, Version 2006, Diabetes-Project-Instructions-HSR-EXCEL.pdf (0.1 MiB) – Health Status Report Instructions in Excel Use this spreadsheet to generate reports to illustrate patient demographics and care outcomes tracked and reported in the Indian Health Service Diabetes Audit. This report allows you to enter information found either on your […]

WTDP-diabetesnewsletter Summer 2004

WTDP-diabetesnewsletter Summer 2004, Version summer 2004, WTDP-diabetesnewsletter_Summer-2004.pdf (94 KiB) – Western tribal diabetes project newsletter summer 2004

WTDP-diabetesnewsletter Fall 2005

WTDP-diabetesnewsletter Fall 2005, Version Fall 2005, WTDP-diabetesnewsletter_Fall-2005.pdf (2.3 MiB) – Western tribal diabetes project newsletter fall 2005