Northwest Tribes recognize that healthy Native mothers and children are at the heart of healthy Native communities. Healthy Native moms and babies need a continuum of support that extends across families, communities, health care and social services systems. The Northwest Portland Area Indian Health Board (NPAIHB) works to support tribal Maternal and Child Health (MCH) initiatives through community-based research projects, data, technical assistance, and coordination of resources.

NPAIHB’s Tribal Epidemiology Center has several projects that address MCH issues, and has formed a MCH Workgroup to coordinate efforts and resources across projects. In 2017, the MCH Workgroup completed an assessment to identify programmatic priorities to advance MCH efforts at NPAIHB and Northwest Tribes. The assessment identified some key themes for improving maternal and child health, including social support, education for parents, substance use prevention, and connection to culture.

The full report can be accessed below.

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“There are multiple generations involved in support; and the community and systems impact the mother and child. There are circles of involvement

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