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Description: Health Project Manager Page 1 of 5
Revised: 08/21
RESPONSIBLE TO: Administrative Officer
SALARY: Step 22 ($48,368) to Step 41 ($84,813)
CLASSIFICATION: Management/Regular/Full-time
LOCATION: Klamath Tribal Health & Family Services
3949 South 6th Street
Klamath Falls, Oregon
BACKGROUND: Comprehensive Employment level
The Project Manager will work with the Administrative Officer (AO) to commence, continue and complete the development and finalization of Klamath Tribal Health & Family’s (KTHFS) strategic and operational plans, project plans and budget; implementation, monitoring, and control of projects; community development; and work with suppliers to deliver, document and report on approved Tribal Health projects
1. Responsible for facilitating the development and implementation Klamath Tribal Health & Family Services approved projects and programs. Plan, develop, implement, and monitor projects within various KTHFS Departments.
Klamath Tribal Health & Family Services
3949 South 6th Street
Klamath Falls, OR 97603
Phone: (541) 882-1487 or 1-800-552-6290
HR Fax: (541) 273-4564
OPEN: 08/25/21

Develop, coordinate, prepare, and revise various project plans and implementation strategies for community development, land acquisition, land use, and for the overall development efforts which are designed to support the long-term self-sufficiency of Klamath Tribal Health & Family Services.
3. Coordinate and assist in project planning and development of KTHFS projects, programs and economic and business development opportunities, including site planning and development, facilities planning and design, and identification of available funding sources.
4. Serve as the Program Monitor for Tribal Health projects. The PM will collaborate with Department Directors to provide technical assistance with self-monitoring activities and operations.
5. Create, develop, implement, and promote innovative partnerships with appropriate Tribal, local, state, and federal agencies.
6. Ensure clear and effective policy and regulatory administration and compliance procedures related to project management.
7. Work closely with the AO, and as appropriate the Tribal Council, staff, Health advisory committees, federal and non-federal agencies and organizations, Tribal members, and the public.
8. Ensure that the HGM has adequate information and assistance necessary to assess or respond to the project related actions or decisions of the Tribal Council and other public, private, or special interest groups whose acts may affect the rights, interests, or opportunities of the Tribes.
9. Keep the HGM informed of health projects planning issues and priorities. Provide monthly and quarterly reports, as directed.
10. Develop short-term and long-term goals and objectives for department programs. Develop and implement work plans and procedures regarding those goals.
11. Develop and maintain records and prepare reports and documents related to departmental projects and activities.
12. Implement, supervise, coordinate and evaluate special, short-term projects, as assigned.
13. Work with Tribal Administration focal person to initiate, manage and report on Tribal wide projects and programs.
14. The incumbent will be called upon to accomplish other tasks within their scope of work.
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Revised: 08/21
The Administrative Officer is the immediate supervisor and outlines the overall objectives and priorities, time limits, and the financial and personnel resources available. The employee plans and schedules recurring work, handles problems, and completes work using own initiative, exercising judgment according to previous training, experience, and instructions. The employee exercises professional knowledge and judgment when interpreting guidelines and applicability. Work is reviewed from an overall standpoint in terms of meeting objectives, effectiveness, and compliance with laws, regulations, policies, and procedures.
Knowledge of project, business and management principles involved in planning, resource allocation, leadership techniques, production methods and coordination of people and resources.
Ability to coordinate multiple projects.
General knowledge and understanding of the Klamath Tribes’ government organization, functions, policies, goals, priorities, and operating programs.
Considerable knowledge of theories, practices, and principles as they apply to government planning, , community development, data collection and analysis, land use, realty issues, and transportation.
Ability to establish and maintain effective and cooperative working relationships with Tribal staff; elected Tribal officials; Federal, state, county, and local agency representatives; contractors; Tribal members; and the general public.
Management skills in policy formulation, program development, staff direction and training, development of organizational plans, and the effective accomplishment of programs.
Ability to identify complex problems and review related information develop and evaluate options and implement solutions.
Ability to manage financial resources; determine how funds will be spent to get the work done and accounting for the expenditures.
Ability to communicate verbally and in written form to effectively share information ideas and concerns.
Ability to maintain strict confidentiality of medical records and adhere to the standards for health record-keeping, HIPAA and Privacy Act requirements.
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Revised: 08/21
Minimum Qualifications: Failure to comply with minimum position requirements may result in termination of employment.
 REQUIRED to possess a Bachelor’s Degree in Project Management, engineering, construction, or related field. (Must submit copy of degree or transcripts with application.)
 REQUIRED to possess at least three years of demonstrated project management experience or combination of education and experience equal to seven years in project management or administration of a local, tribal, or state community program.
 REQUIRED to have work packages, work breakdown structures and scope of work experience, including planning, scheduling, estimating project costs and timeframe for completion.
 REQUIRED to have computer experience; emphasis will be in the use of Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook, MS Project or other project management software, email management, internet research, in a networked environment.
 REQUIRED to possess excellent oral and written communication skills with evidence of past project reports including inception reports, interim and final reports.
 REQUIRED to possess and maintain a valid Oregon Driver’s License, (out of state applicants must receive ODL within 90 days of hire), have good driving record and be insurable by the Klamath Tribal Health & Family Services’ vehicle insurance policy. (Must submit copy of driver license with application.)
 REQUIRED to submit to a background and character investigation, as per Tribal policy. Following hire must immediately report to Human Resource any citation, arrest, conviction for a misdemeanor or felony crime.
 REQUIRED to submit to annual TB skin testing and adhere to KTHFS staff immunization policy in accordance with the Centers for Disease Control immunization recommendations for healthcare workers.
 REQUIRED to accept the responsibility of a mandatory reporter in accordance with the Klamath Tribes Juvenile Ordinance Title 2, Chapter 15.64 and General Council Resolution #2005 003, all Tribal staff are considered mandatory reporters.
Position Description: Health Project Manager Page 5 of 5
Revised: 08/21
Preferred Qualifications:
 Having a current project management certification like PMP or PRINCE 2 or a Master’s Degree in Project Management will be an added advantage
Indian Preference:
 Indian and Tribal Preference will apply, as per policy. (Must submit tribal documentation with application to qualify for Indian Preference).
This position description is intended to provide an overview of the requirements of the position. It is not necessarily inclusive and the job may require other essential and/or non-essential functions, tasks, duties, or responsibilities not listed herein. Management reserves the sole right to add, modify, or exclude any essential or non-essential requirement at any time with or without notice. Nothing in this job description, or by the completion of any requirement of the job by the employee, is intended to create a contract of employment of any type.
Submit a Klamath Tribal Health & Family Services Application for Employment with all requirements and supporting documentation to:
Klamath Tribal Health & Family Services
ATTN: Human Resource
3949 South 6th Street
Klamath Falls, OR 97603
Please Note: If requirements are not met, i.e., submission of a resume in lieu of a tribal application or not including a required certification, your application will not be reviewed and will be disqualified.
Indian Preference will apply. In accordance with Klamath Tribal policy, priority in selection will be given to qualified applicants who present proof of eligibility for “Indian Preference”.
Applications will not be returned.


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