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Klamath Tribal Health & Family Services
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RESPONSIBLE TO: Health General Manager
SALARY: GS-22 /Full Benefits
GS-23 /Full Benefits
CLASSIFICATION: Professional/Management, Regular, Full-Time
LOCATION: Klamath Tribal Health & Family Services
Wellness Center, Chiloquin, Oregon
The CMO is responsible for helping to set strategic vision and overall direction for clinical systems in collaboration with senior leadership and lead primary care provider. The CMO will be part of the senior leadership team. The CMO will act in direct support of all directors, medical and behavioral professionals in order to ensure Klamath Tribal Health and Family Services promotes health services with an orientation not only to whole person care, but to population and community (public) health as well.
Key responsibilities for the CMO position will include helping to promote a system of high quality health care delivery and helping to identify and manage key external partnerships that aid the organization in meeting its mission and vision. The CMO will act as champion for clinical improvement and innovation as it relates to quality improvement, quality assurance, compliance, accreditation, and patient safety. Finally, the CMO will lead through example and aid in fostering a positive culture that operates under the premise that people want to succeed and that inquiry and coaching are keys to work place happiness/satisfaction and maximizing work force achievement. CMO will work to build clinical teams and ensure infrastructure is in place to support current and future growth. CMO will see patients and will bring consultation to the primary care provider team to ensure patients can be maintained by the primary care provider staff.
Klamath Tribal Health & Family Services
3949 South 6th Street
Klamath Falls, OR 97603
Phone: (541) 882-1487 or 1-800-552-6290
HR Fax: (541) 273-4564
Position Description: Chief Medical Officer Page 2 of 7
Revised: 09/11/2019
1. Provide quality, compassionate, and culturally sensitive health care services to qualified Native Americans in the Klamath Tribes’ service area.
2. Provide a full range of outpatient services; including examination, assessment, diagnosis and treatment; write prescriptions within the scope of expertise, develop protocols and systems.
3. Review medical history of each patient referred to him/her.
4. Instruct and counsel patients on health care needs and goals; record patient progress.
5. Prepare, provide and deliver patient care plans to all patients.
6. Proactively work with other health care professionals within and outside the medical department for coordination of care, including but not limited to nursing staff, community health, dietary and nutritional services, dental clinic, behavioral health, counselors, pharmacy and in-house and external specialists.
7. Make appropriate and timely referrals to specialty care or higher levels of care.
8. Follow up with patients on treatment and progress.
9. Respond to requests for medication refills in a timely manner.
10. Submit clinical documentation in a timely manner, as per policy.
11. Provide leadership to the provider teams and ensure successful delivery of care, provide oversight and supervision; serve as a mentor and manage the resolution of practice related problems with providers and staff.
12. Be available for after-hours consultation when needed.
1. In partnership with the senior leadership and directors, provide mission-driven leadership within the organization and serve as a protector of Patient Rights.
2. Demonstrate commitment to and understanding of the Core Values of KTHFS, by modeling service excellence in all internal and external relationships, addressing service excellence deficits with staff, and in the performance of all duties and responsibilities of this position.
Position Description: Chief Medical Officer Page 3 of 7
Revised: 09/11/2019
3. Advise senior leadership and directors helping to set direction in the areas of clinical quality, population health, quality improvement, quality assurance, compliance, patient safety, accreditation, and strategic partnerships in the community. This will include aiding in policy matters and partnerships at both the state and federal level as they relate to clinical care and reimbursement. This will include partnering to improve public health.
4. Collaborate with other Klamath Tribal Health & Family Services programs to identify patient needs and develop or adjust program services to meet those needs when possible.
5. Set a positive, encouraging and professional environment within the medical practice.
6. Ensure clinical policies, procedures and protocols are based on clinical best practices and guidelines.
7. Responsible for the leadership and oversight of clinical aspects of all service lines and service line directors, as per chain of command; including setting performance criteria and monitoring service line performance. The Health System Director will initiate the Performance Evaluation for providers and CMO will help to assess progress and efficacy of meeting service line goals and targets.
8. Oversee all clinical service lines, including the establishment and achievement of service line benchmarks. Work in partnership with the administrative team and directors to achieve service line goals and benchmarks.
9. Participate in clinical consultations and provide medical expertise and guidance as appropriate.
10. Responsible for adequately addressing in a timely manner, all patient care concerns, issues, and obstacles that may arise; including those reported under established patient complaint procedures.
11. Help support service line directors in their oversight of regular review of provider documentation; including Chart Review and Peer Review. Ensure all patient related documentation follows applicable federal and state regulations, and is completed accurately using appropriate diagnostic and E&M coding.
12. Develop and implement a systematic program for Peer Review in accordance with current accreditation standards of the AAAHC. The results of this program will be communicated regularly to the Health General Manager and Governing Body.
13. Participate in various KTHFS Committees and attend Medical Clinic meetings. Chair QA/QI Committee, Data Committee, etc.
Position Description: Chief Medical Officer Page 4 of 7
Revised: 09/11/2019
14. Direct and/or lead clinical service line meetings, at least once per month in partnership with administrative staff.
15. Participate in clinical and regulatory training and activities.
16. During a public health emergency, the CMO may be required to perform duties similar to but not limited to those in his/her job description.
17. Be involved in tribal and non-tribal community events that support the mission and vision of KTHFS.
18. The incumbent will be called upon to accomplish other tasks within their scope of work.
Work is performed under the general direction of the Health General Manager. The CMO performs duties following established medical and Tribal policy. Unusual, new, or complex assignments that require deviation from past experience or precedents are discussed with the HGM.
This position requires consistent, sound judgment and the ability to work independently with minimal supervision. The incumbent exercises judgment based on training, protocol and licensing limitations. Employee exercises initiative in researching answers and solving problems based upon previous training, experience and instructions.
Knowledge and experience with EHR’s and how best to use them in support of enhancing patient care and safety while limiting provider fatigue and burn out.
Knowledge of population health and how to leverage health outcomes to promote high quality health care
Knowledge of public and community health, and how both public and community health principles contribute to population health in the primary care setting.
Knowledge of general Quality Improvement, Quality Assurance, Compliance and Patient Safety processes.
Must be self-motivated.
Knowledge of medical clinic policies and protocol; ability to coordinate clinical activities.
Knowledge of and the ability to interpret current AAAHC accreditation standards.
Position Description: Chief Medical Officer Page 5 of 7
Revised: 09/11/2019
Knowledge of sanitation, nutrition, epidemiology and communicable disease control.
Knowledge of immunization recommendation and protocols.
Demonstrated compassion and leadership skills; ability to successfully coach/mentor/train subordinates for sustained performance improvement.
Ability to communicate effectively both verbally and in writing.
Ability to communicate positively with individuals at all levels of the organization—including peers, co-workers, patients, and tribal community at large. Good listening skills are also a must.
Computer literacy skills. Knowledge and use of Microsoft applications including word processing, spreadsheet and presentation programs.
Knowledge of or experience with electronic health records.
Ability to prioritize and work well under pressure.
Ability to complete timely clinical documentation and perform required follow-up.
Ability to determine medical priorities for patient care during face to face encounters or through telephone triage.
Ability to maintain strict confidentiality of medical records and adhere to the standards for health record-keeping, HIPAA and Privacy Act requirements.
Minimum Qualifications: Failure to comply with minimum position requirements may result in termination of employment.
 REQUIRED to possess a current State License as a Doctor of Medicine (MD) or Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine (DO). For out of state applicants; Oregon Licensure required within 90 days of hire. (Must submit copy of Licensure with application.)
 REQUIRED to possess a current DEA registration. Must transfer registration to current facility upon hire. (Must submit copy of registration with application.)
 REQUIRED to acquire and maintain BLS certification within 180 days of hire; strongly recommend certification within 90 days of hire, probationary period will be extended for a maximum of 180 days pending certification.
Position Description: Chief Medical Officer Page 6 of 7
Revised: 09/11/2019
 REQUIRED to be free from exclusion from providing Federal health care benefits including Medicare and Medicaid as per the Federal OIG and GSA exclusion lists.
 REQUIRED to have at least four (4) years of leadership experience in health care systems
 REQUIRED to have at least three (3) years physician practice experience (beyond residency training) working in a clinic setting.
 REQUIRED to have at least two (2) year applicable administrative management AND clinical supervisory experience.
 REQUIRED to submit to annual TB skin testing and adhere to KTHFS staff immunization policy in accordance with the Centers for Disease Control immunization recommendations for healthcare workers.
 REQUIRED to submit to and clear an alcohol/drug screen and random testing as per policy.
 REQUIRED to submit to a background and character investigation, as per Tribal policy. Following hire must immediately report to Human Resource any citation, arrest, conviction for a misdemeanor or felony crime.
 REQUIRED to accept the responsibility of a mandatory reporter of abuse and neglect of infants and children, people who are elderly or dependent, individuals with mental illness or developmental disabilities or residents of nursing homes and other health care facilities. This includes reporting any evidence of physical injury, neglect, sexual or emotional abuse or financial exploitation.
Preferred Qualifications:
 Board Certification is preferred.
 Five (5) years’ physician practice experience (beyond residency training) working in a clinic setting is preferred.
 Five (5) years applicable administrative management is preferred.
 Five (5) years applicable clinical supervision beyond residency is preferred.
 Flexible work schedule is strongly preferred.
 Positive working experience with Native Americans in a related field will be given preference.
Position Description: Chief Medical Officer Page 7 of 7
Revised: 09/11/2019
Indian Preference:
 Indian and Tribal Preference will apply, as per policy. (Must submit tribal documentation with application to qualify for Indian Preference).
This position description is intended to provide an overview of the requirements of the position. It is not necessarily inclusive and the job may require other essential and/or non-essential functions, tasks, duties, or responsibilities not listed herein. Management reserves the sole right to add, modify, or exclude any essential or non-essential requirement at any time with or without notice. Nothing in this job description, or by the completion of any requirement of the job by the employee, is intended to create a contract of employment of any type.
Submit an INDIAN HEALTH SERVICE Application for Medical Staff Appointment and/or Privileges with all requirements and supporting documentation to:
Klamath Tribal Health & Family Services
ATTN: Human Resource
3949 South 6th Street
Klamath Falls, OR 97603
Please Note: If requirements are not met, i.e., submission of a resume in lieu of a tribal application or not including a required certification, your application will not be reviewed and will be disqualified.
Indian Preference will apply. In accordance with Klamath Tribal policy, priority in selection will be given to qualified applicants who present proof of eligibility for “Indian Preference”.
Applications will not be returned.

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