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VISIT The EpiCenter is one of twelve national Centers charged with collecting tribal health status data, evaluating data monitoring and delivery systems, and assisting tribes in identifying local priorities for healthcare delivery and health education. Learn More > OUR EPICENTER MAKING by expanding access to consistent, routine, high quality oral health care in tribal communities. Learn More > SMILES BRIGHTER Northwest NARCH Carefully designed and implemented health research can provide solutions to help eliminate the vast disparities in health between Northwest American Indians/Alaska Natives (AI/ANs) and non-AI/ANs. Learn More > Native CARS Study The Native CARS Study serves to improve rates of child safety seat use for American Indian and Alaska Native (AI/AN) children in the Pacific Northwest and beyond. Learn More > EHR and Meaningful
Use Support Center
The EHR and MU Support Center seeks to provide support not only in meeting Meaningful Use, but also in supporting the day to day use of electronic health records to better serve our patients and work towards reducing health disparities. Learn More >

“Our mission is to eliminate health disparities and improve the quality of life of American Indians and Alaska Natives by supporting Northwest Tribes in their delivery of culturally appropriate, high quality healthcare.”

Curing Hepatitis C

Hepatitis C virus (HCV) is a chronic infection that can cause liver damage and liver cancer. About 20,000 persons die from HCV each year. Hepatitis C is a preventable and curable disease. Learn how our IHS, Tribal and Urban Indian (I/T/U) primary care clinics are proving that hepatitis c is treatable in our own communities, by our own providers.

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Evaluating our Effectiveness in Improving Asthma Care for Children and Adolescents

A project sponsored by the Indian Health Service, Tribal Environmental Services, in partnership with the Northwest Portland Area Indian Health Board. The goal of this evaluation is to reduce asthma attacks & in home asthma triggers. 

Who qualifies to participate?

Children and Teens age 3-17 with asthma and their parents/guardians 

What are the benefits of participating in this intervention evaluation?

  • Patients and their parent and/or guardians will receive education.
  • Parent and/or guardians will receive in home visits in order to provide special vacuum cleaners, mattresses & pillow covers, and green cleaning supplies.
  • Services are free of charge
  • Supplies are your families to keep!
  • You will receive a $25 gift card for participating.

For more referral information, please talk with your primary care provider to request a referral.

For general Enhancing Control of Childhood Asthma in AI/AN Communities Project information contact:

Mattie Tomeo-Palmanteer: (503) 416-3254 or asthma@npaihb.org

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Loved Here, Save Here: Promoting Youth-Friendly and Non-Stigmatizing Sexual Health Messaging

The campaign materials – Loved Here, Safe Here were designed in collaboration with AI/AN LGBTQ and Two Spirit community members and can be posted, printed, or shared with your networks. Read more HERE. And visit our social marketing campaign page to download the campaign materials.

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