Safe Start Washington

Washington State Phased Reopening Plan

PPE Ordering Procedure

PPE Requestors

All entities, including long term care facilities, should initiate their PPE requests through their local (city/county) Emergency Management Agency (EMA) using the WA Resource Request Form (ICS 213 RR) (PDF).  Requests that cannot be filled locally will be elevated by emergency management to the next echelon (City/County/State) for action.

  1. Local and tribal EMAs that are requesting PPE from the State EOC should reference current DOH Tier Guidance.
  2. Local and tribal EMAs should each combine all orders for Tier 1 facilities and enter a bulk order clearly marked as a “Tier 1” order into WebEOC.
  3. Local and tribal EMAs should each combine all orders for all other Tiers (2, 3, and 4) and enter a bulk order clearly marked “Tier 2,3,4” into WebEOC.
  4. Local and tribal EMAs will each vet all PPE orders from their jurisdiction to determine if the amount of PPE requested is appropriate based on factors such as the number of confirmed/suspected COVID-19 cases at the facilities, number of encounters/transports with confirmed/suspected COVID-19 cases, appropriate ‘burn’ (consumption) rates, number of staff at the facility, etc.
  5. Local and tribal EMAs will each ensure that their Tier 1 entities are not overstocking items so that PPE will be sufficient for other tiers.

State EOC

  1. The State EOC will execute allocation/distribution cycles at least once per day.
  2. Fulfillment will be executed in the following sequence:
    1. All “Tier 1” orders will be filled to the greatest extent possible. The State EOC will assume orders have been appropriately vetted by the local and tribal EMAs and are appropriate.
    2. All “Tier 2,3,4” orders will be filled proportionally per county population size, as resources allow.
    3. PPE orders for individual local entities that are not labeled “Tier 1” or “Tier 2,3,4” will not be filled. Requestors of individual orders will be directed back to their local EMD.
    4. All orders will be delivered to the local or tribal EMA.

May Funding Opportunities

This document contains a listing of funding opportunities for COVID-19 related work across the Northwest and the country.