Northwest Portland Area Indian Health Board: Indian Leadership for Indian Health

Resolution Archive


05-01-02 CDC Funding for Nat’l Native Tobacco Conference
05-01-03 CDC Grant Application -Interventions, Alcohol Use, and Risk of HIV-AIDS
05-01-04 CDC Funding for Nat’l Program to Promote Diabetes Education
05-02-01 WA State Division of Alcohol & Substance Abuse Funding
05-02-02 Funding for Public Health Emergency Preparedness vis WA State DOH
05-03-01 Intervention to Improve Child Restraint Use in Motor Vehicles
05-03-02 AI-AN Cancer Linkage Project with CHS and State Medicaid Programs
05-03-03 Support NPAIHB 2005 Legislative Plan
05-03-04 Support NPAIHB FY 2006 Health Board Annual Budget Analysis
05-03-05 Support for Child Safety Seat Project in NW Tribal Communities
05-03-06 Maternal, Infant, and Reproductive Health
05-03-07 Support for the NW Tribal Dental Support Center
05-03-08 Support for the NPAIHB to Conduct Medicare Roundtable
05-03-09 Supporting Self Determination under Section 813 (b) (1) (B) of the Indian Health Care Improvement Act
05-03-10 In Support of PRT HIV-AIDS Media Outreach Campaign
05-03-11 Development of Nat’l Diabetes Project Training Curriculum
05-04-01 Research Centers for Health
05-04-02 Facilities Master Plan
05-04-03 Protest of Dental Support Center Award
05-04-04 Tribal Ownership of Data
05-04-05 CDC Tobacco Prevention Grant
05-04-13 NTRC grant
05-04-14 NARCH Model
05-04-15 EpiCenter Eval
05-04-16 ENNACT

06-01-01 Sexually Transmitted Diseases
06-01-02 Translating Interventions
06-01-03 Komen Foundation
06-01-04 Tsunami Preparedness
06-01-05 Underage Drinking
06-01-06 Addressing Sexually Transmitted Diseases
06-02-01 HITS Project
06-02-02 Toddler Tooth Decay Prevention
06-02-03 CHIPP
06-02-04 Cancer Patient Drop-out
06-02-05 STD HIV Tribal Action Plan
06-02-06 Medicaid Provisions
06-03-01 EpiCenter Renewal App
06-03-02 Health Policy Research Project
06-03-03 Teen Suicide Prevention
06-03-04 Data into Action
06-03-05 Closing of Walla Wall
06-03-06 VA IHS Needs Assessment
06-03-07 Toxic Risks in Tribal Diet
06-04-01 NPAIHB to Restructure Committee System
06-04-02 CDC to Maintain and Enhance Tribal STD Prevention Activities
06-04-03 Cancer Surveillance
06-04-04 Health Disparities Study among Minorities and Underserved Women
06-04-05 RWJF Application for NTTPN
06-04-06 Intergenerational Approaches to HIV AIDS Prevention
06-04-07 Application to ALFF for NTTPN
06-04-08 Support for Reauthorization of SDPI

07-01-03 Federal Benefits for Tribes
07-02-01 Rural Mental Health and Drug Abuse
07-02-02 Community-Based Participatory Research
07-02-03 Refining and Testing Mental Health Interventions
07-02-04 Supporting the Dental Health Needs of Indian Country
07-03-01 Support Meth Project
07-03-01 Comprehensive Cancer Program
07-03-02 FAS
07-03-03 Health Promotion-DiseasePrevention Initiative
07-03-04 IHS budget analysis
07-03-05 Legislative Plan
07-03-06 Nutrition Eval
07-03-07 SAMHSA
07-03-08 Cultural Training
07-03-09 REACH
07-04-02 Community Interventions to Increase Child Safety Seat Use in Tribes
07-04-03 Data into Action
07-04-04 Reauthorization Support
07-04-05 Universal Health Care
07-04-06 HFCPS
07-04-07 Special Diabetes
07-04-08 VHA-IHS
07-04-09 CitizenshipProof
07-04-10 IHCIA Amendments

08-02-01 Increase Funding For Dental Services
08-02-02 NW Tribal Registry SIHB SEER Project.doc
08-02-03 National Business Center.doc
08-02-05 SAMHSA-NARA.pdf
08-03-01 CDC National Tribal Tobacco Network.pdf
08-03-02 FASD Elimination of Health Disparities through Translation Research.pdf
08-03-03 Reducing Health Disparities Minority and Underserved Children.pdf
08-03-04 The NARCH.pdf
08-03-05 The FEMA and Quileute Tribe Disaster Relief.pdf
08-04-01 Application of Smoking Cessation for Patients with Diabetes.doc
08-04-02 CMS and IHS to Develop LTC Initiative to Assist Tribes to Provide Elder Care Services.doc
08-04-03 Injury Control Research Center.doc
08-04-04 HRAC Member.doc
08-04-05 Declaring a State of Emergency for Indian Health Care.doc
08-04-06 Comprehensive Center of Excellence.doc
09-01-01 CHS Workgroup.pdf
09-01-02 LNF Workgroup.pdf

09-02-01 Opposition to IHS OIT.pdf
09-02-02 CDC Prevention Specialist.pdf
09-02-03 Support NARCH VI.pdf
09-02-04 STD HIV Action Plan 2009-2011.pdf
09-02-05 Tribal Suicide Action Plan 2009-2013.pdf
09-02-06 Intellectual Property Policy.pdf
FY09-03-02 Data Linkage CHARS.doc.pdf
FY09-03-03 Vital Stats Linkage.pdf
FY09-03-04 State Trauma Linkage.pdf
09-04-01 268-07-09.pdf Support and Urging Congress to Include AllAN Provisions and the Indian Health Care Improvement Act in Health Reform Legislation
09-04-02 267-07-09.pdf Support of the Colville Tribes as they confront destructive impacts on ongoing underfunding of their healthcare system by the Indian Health Service
09-04-03 266-07-09.pdf Support for the reauthorization of the Indian Healthcare Improvement Act
09-04-04 269-07-09.pdf Support for an Area Distribution Fund in the new HFCPS and recommend the IHS Director to implement the new Priority System
09-04-05 270-07-09.pdf   In support of appropriate access to IHS held data for IHS funded Epidemiology Centers, Tribes and Tribal Organizations

10-01-01 WTDP.pdf
10-01-02 IHS Directors Tribal Consultation Workgroup Members.pdf
10-01-03 Hold Harmless.pdf
10-01-04 Demo Project for Regional Projects Portland Area.pdf
10-03-01 2010 Legislative Plan.pdf
10-03-02 ANA Grant.pdf
10-03-03 FY 2010 Budget Analysis.pdf
10-03-04 CHS Position Paper.pdf
10-03-05 Data Linkages Communicable Disease.pdf
10-03-06 Data Linkages Lead Poisoning.pdf
10-03-07 National Diabetes Program.pdf
10-03-08 VISN 20 Consultation with Tribes.pdf
10-01-01 WTDP.pdf
10-01-02 IHS Directors Tribal Consultation Workgroup Members.pdf
10-01-03 Hold Harmless.pdf
10-01-04 Demo Project for Regional Projects Portland Area.pdf
11-01-01 Dev Immunization Info System Interoperability w EMR System.pdf
11-01-02 AD Selection Committee.pdf
11-01-04 Uniform Definition of ‘Indian’.pdf
11-01-05 Tribal Representation for VISN 20 Advisory Council.pdf

11-02-01 NPAIHB Resolution Template.pdf
11-02-02 NW Tribal Substance Abuse Action Plan.pdf
11-02-03 Board Approved Program Ops Manual.pdf
11-02-04 NW Tribal Data Repository.pdf
11-02-05 Portland Area-wide RPMS Database.pdf
11-02-06 Sub-recipient to NIHB HITECH REC.pdf
11-03-04 Support for Renewal of NW Tribal EpiCenter.pdf
11-03-05 Pres Obama to Amend and Reissue Executive Order 13175.pdf
11-03-06 Recommend HHS Secretary and STAC Evaluate Healthy People 2010.pdf
11-04-01 NW Tribal Colorectal Cancer Toolkit.pdf
11-04-02 NW Tribal Cancer Survivorship Study.pdf
11-04-03 287-07-11 CHS HC Actuarial Analysis.pdf
11-04-04 288-07-11 Data Sharing.pdf
11-04-05 289-07-11 Protect IHS Medicaid Medicare adn Social Security.pdf
11-04-06 290-07-11 ARRA Exemption.pdf
11-04-07 291-07-11 CCIIO Include IHS Programs as ECP.pdf
11-04-08 292-07-11 IHCIF Consultation.pdf
12-01-02 PAO Assumption.pdf
12-01-03 Optional Medicaid Benefits.pdf

12-02-01 HP-DP Resolution.pdf
12-02-02 NARCH VII.pdf
12-03-03 Portland Area RPMS.pdf
12-03-04 NIMHD Grant.pdf
12-03-05 Tobacco Grant.pdf
12-03-06 CSC.pdf
12-03-07 Reauthorization SDPI.pdf
12-03-08 Budget Increase IHS FY13.pdf
12-03-09 NPAIHB Comment Ltr on OMB Proposals.pdf
12-03-10 NW Tribal Injury Prevention.pdf
12-04-03 NW Children’s Immunization Improvement Project.pdf
12-04-04 Supplemental Appropriatin to fund BIA and IHS CSC Requirements Result of Recent Supreme Court Decisions.pdf
Resolution 13-01-03 Sequestration.pdf
Resolution 13-01-04 DHAT.pdf
Resolution 13-01-05 CDC EIO.pdf
Resolution 13-01-06 CSC Litigation.pdf

Resolution 13-02-01 CDC Tribal Consultation.pdf
Resolution 13-02-02 FCOI Add to ProgOps.pdf

April 2013
13-03-01 SNEPT.pdf
13-03-02 HPDP In Native American Pops.pdf
13-03-03 Native Sexual Health Consort Project.pdf
13-03-04 OHSU Indoor Air Pollution.pdf
13-03-05 OHSU HPDP.pdf

July 2013
13-04-01 NARCH VIII Resolution (2).pdf
13-04-02 300-07-13 CHS Allocation Formula.pdf
13-04-03 302-07-13 CSC.pdf
13-04-04 303-07-13 Data-based Resource Allocation.pdf
13-04-05 299-07-13 Definition of Indian.pdf
13-04-06 301-07-13 IMCE.pdf
13-04-07 304-07-13 Tribal Epi Centers.pdf
13-04-08 305-07-13 Dental Support Centers.pdf
October 2013
14-01-01 Adolescent Health Tribal Action Plan.pdf
14-01-02 Advance Appropriation for IHS.pdf