Northwest Portland Area Indian Health Board: Indian Leadership for Indian Health

Federal Policy Issues

There is a “special relationship” between the United States and Indian Tribes, which establishes a federal responsibility to provide health services to Indian people.  This federal obligation was established through treaties and Presidential Executive Orders entered into between the United States and Indian Tribes.  This obligation has been affirmed through numerous court decisions, legislation, and policy declarations by Presidential Administrations.  This federal relationship forms the legal and moral foundation for the creation of health policies between the United States and Indian Tribes.

The Northwest Portland Area Indian Health Board is dedicated to upholding the responsibility of the United States to provide health services to Indian people under the federal trust relationship by:

  • Advocating and educating Congressional representatives on treaty rights and how such rights relate to health care in Indian Country.
  • Developing an Annual Legislative plan to provide recommendations on the President’s annual budget and other health care financing programs like Medicare and Medicaid.
  • Tracking legislation and other important health policy issues that affect the delivery of health care to American Indian and Alaska Native people. 
  • Finally, facilitating consultation between state and federal agencies and Tribal leaders on health policy issues in order to understand respective concerns to make important decisions on programs and services that effect Indian people. 

To learn about Senate Bills and House Reports that may affect American Indian and Alaska Native people in the Northwest read on, or visit Resolutions.

See the Senate Indian Affairs Committee for a list of legislation that impacts Indian programs. Pending legislation can be tracked using the Floor Activity weekly feature of Thomas.
States argue for total invalidation of the ACA, with no exception carved out for the Indian specific provisions; contrary to earlier request by Washington State Attorney General in the States 11th Circuit brief.  Oral argument on divisibility issues is scheduled on March 28th

COALITION Letter to Cantwell Senate Committee on Indian Affairs requesting oversight hearing on IHS .PDF
COALITION Letter to Reed Senate Interior Subcommittee regarding CSC language in pending appropriatio.PDF
Letter from Cherokee Nation and Chickasaw Nation to President Obama regarding settlement of IHS CSC .PDF

8-28-13 CSC Update (Final).pdf
FY 2014 Senate CSC Approps - Proposed Amendment.pdf
Letter Murray CSC Senate Appropriations FY2014.pdf
Purpose:  To amend title XVIII of the Social Security Act to provide for a limitation on the charges for contract health services provided to Indians by Medicare providers.
New Client Pool—Expanding the Medicare-Like Rate Cap
2013 Tribal Initiative for MFP.pdf
7-23-13 Health Care Client Memo re Deferral of Employer Mandate and Update re Medicaid State Plan Amendments.pdf
IRS Notice Shared Responsibility payment.pdf
Medicaid CHIP SPAs for 2014 FINAL All Tribes Call-JR.pdf
Dr Roubideaux response to TSGAC Summary Letter.pdf
TTAG Arkansas model letter_7 23 13.pdf