Northwest Portland Area Indian Health Board: Indian Leadership for Indian Health

Training and Education

Indian Health Service Training Classes
Introduction(PDF) This introductory course provides an introduction to the public health approach model, a basic strategy to address injuries in a population. Participants will address specific injury issues in fictional tribal communities. Most of the information on this website is from this course. Attend the course for more in-depth coverage.
Intermediate(PDF) This course adds to the skills taught in the Introduction to IP Course. A few course topics include: alcohol and injuries, basic data collection techniques, web-based data identification tools, and process/impact evaluation.
Advanced(PDF) This course adds to the skills taught in the Introduction and Intermediate IP Courses. A few course topics include: financing IP programs, collaborating w/media, developing IP reports, and developing short/long term plans.
The IHS Injury Prevention Fellowship Program is a 12-month advanced learning experience for individuals promoting injury prevention in American Indian/Alaska Native communities.
Great Experience! Two Options are available:
Program Development(PDF)

General Information
Core Competencies for Injury and Violence Prevention(PDF) The core competencies outline a common understanding of the essential skills and knowledge that are regarded as necessary to work in injury and violence prevention.
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