Northwest Portland Area Indian Health Board: Indian Leadership for Indian Health


Funding Basics and Some Sources
Funding Basics(PDF) Useful information on the steps of the funding process for an injury prevention program.
Potential Funding Sources(PDF) Useful information on how to search for funding, federal sources, reference guides and organizations.
Budget Worksheet(PDF) A blank worksheet to plan how much money you are requesting for each part of your funding proposal
Funding Proposal Planning Checklist(PDF) Make sure you are on track with this helpful checklist to follow when you propose injury prevention program funding.
Funding Proposal Development Tips(PDF) Tips on how to have a successful program with proper funding
Grant Assistance The Foundation Center’s mission is to strengthen the nonprofit sector by advancing knowledge about U.S. philanthropy.
Grant Source: Federal Grants is your source to FIND and APPLY for federal government grants.
Indian Health Service Tribal Injury Prevention Cooperative Agreement Program (TIPCAP)
RIDE SAFE—Child Passenger Safety Program
Safe Native American Passengers (SNAP)

Funding Organizations
The Archstone Foundation It is a private grantmaking organization, whose mission is to contribute towards the preparation of society in meeting the needs of an aging population.