Andy Joseph, Chairman

Andy Joseph, Jr. is a member of the Confederated Tribes of the Colville, Nespelem District; a US Army veteran, and the Chairman of the Northwest Portland Area Indian Health Board.  He serves as a member of the National Indian Health Board, on the Indian Health Service Direct Services Tribes Advisory Committee as Vice Chairman, and as the Chair of the Human Services Committee at his own tribal Council.  Andy comes from a long tradition of Tribal Chiefs.

Pearl Capoeman-Baller, Vice Chairman

Pearl Capoeman-Baller, a Quinault Tribal member, served as the President of the Quinault Indian Nation, Executive Director of the Nation’s administrative unit for 13 years and Treasurer of the National Tribal Enviromental Council. She is married with two children and multiple grandchildren. Pearl and her husband John reside on the Quinault reservation near Taholah, Washington. Pearl got her start in the political arena as a founding member of the Quinault Teen Council in the late 1960’s. They held their own elections, were given seed money, and developed policies that they had to manage. Pearl finished high school, attended college, and then took a position as an administrative secretary for the Nation. At the age of 19 Pearl was elected to serve on the Tribal Council.

Shawna Gavin, Treasurer

Shawna is a member of the Confederated Tribes of the Umatilla Indian Reservation, and the Chair of the award winning Yellowhawk Tribal Health Center Commission.
Columbia River Inter-Tribal Fish Commission
Avid proponent of improved American Indian/Alaska Native health status
Former Executive Assistant at NPAIHB

Cheryle Kennedy, Secretary

Cheryle Kennedy, a member of the Confederated Tribes of Grand Ronde, comes from a family of weavers, beaders, carvers, gatherers, fishermen and hunters.  She is a former Executive Director of the Northwest Portland Area Indian Health Board and has a 30-year career as a Health Administrator working with many different tribes.  As a recipient of the Outstanding Leader in Health Care from the Oregon State Department of Health, Cheryle has also been widely recognized for her contributions in elevating the health status of Indian people by the National Indian Health Board.

Greg Abrahamson, Sergeant-at-Arms

Chairman of the Spokane Tribal Council.